Spandau 1915 gew 98

spandau 1915 gew 98 It marks the first installment exclusive to eighth-generation consoles and was released world wide on October 21, 2016. The bolt-action design used for the Gewehr 98 was patented by Paul Mauser on 9 September 1895. Boîte de culasse marquée Gew 98. A Find great deals on eBay for ww1 german mauser. La pièce sur le terrain est un 9 cm C / 1873 Kanone . (When originally introduced, however, this arm used the standard M. If you would like current information or to ask questions about a particular auction, please call our office at 864-947-2000 and choose the auctioneer contact for that particular auction from the phone listing. Bolt serial number is 9591l all The Model '98 was a synthesis of all that had come before, the fully refined Mauser bolt action rifle, in a package that is so revered that it remains the action that modern sporting rifle enthusiasts and custom gunmakers prefer to this day. Buy & Sell Firearms, Gun Collections, Modern, Military, Antique & Class 3 Machine Guns. 98's are easily identified. Awesome, I was just writing 6197 occurs all over the rifle from the 116197 on barrel and receiver to the 97 on the rear most switch on the bolt- (i dont know what this piece is called, the 6197 BU on the lever, and i just noticed a 197 when i removed the scope. Kevin, Andrew, and Nate shoot an original 1915 Mauser Gewehr 98 - the standard issue rifle of the German forces in World War 1. Het geweer deed tot 1935 dienst als standaardwapen van de Duitse landmacht, totdat de kortere versie Mauser Karabiner 98k het verving. Listings Very good condition WWI German GEW 98 Mauser rifle in 8mm Mauser (7. T. on these charges only. I just checked out a completely matching 1915 Danzig Gew 98 a buddy of mine picked up for his stepson, who can are less about it. Code on long Mauser Gew. It also had a simple tangent-leaf rear sight, rather than the Lange Visier of the Gew. Det är osäkert hur många Gew 98 som har tillverkats men det är sannolikt att det är mer än 5 miljoner. Matricule du canon et de la culasse 5090. Attempting to use a similar approach with the design of the rifle as they had done with the cartridge by borrowing technologies, the bolt of the 11mm Mauser Gew 71 rifle was extensively modified by Louis Schlegelmilch, a Spandau Arsenal technician, and incorporated a separate bolt head. Used Spandau 1915 Gewehr 98, 8mm Mauser, 29" Barrel. 98 SPANDAU 1917 8x57 mtr. EXTREMELY RARE Danzig Mauser detachable scope bases with caming arm. The Gewehr 98 (abbreviated G98, Gew 98 or M98) is a German bolt-action Mauser rifle firing cartridges from a 5-round internal clip-loaded magazine that was the German service rifle from 1898 to 1935, when it was replaced by the Karabiner 98k. 92mm, magazine 5 rounds. Sporterized Gewehr 98 rifle. Rare and scarce 15 dated gew98s would be Oberspree Kornbusch , ERFURT ,JP Sauer & DWM in that order. I'm looking to trade my totally matching (screws included) 1916 Oberndorf, a tad bit rough but has a very nice bright and shiny bore it is an excellent shooter, second only to my 1915 Spandau. If anyone knows of an original 8mm (8 X 57 JS) barrel for sale from the teens, I will be interested. DWM tillverkade, enligt sina bevarade dokument, 930 000 st. Notez le musicien à l'arrière de la machine a un manche de couteau qui dépasse du haut de sa botte . Search eBay faster with PicClick. 2 Paul Mauser: Gew 98 and Kar 98b In the Napoleonic wars at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the French, British, Prussian and Russian armies employed infantry, cavalry and artillery regiments (as indeed had the Romans). Bbl. The ammunition that the Gew. This is a Floor Lamp made out of a SPANDAU GEW 98 1916 WW1 German Rifle with a spent shell casing and a WW1 German Helmet as a lamp shade. Hugo Schmeisser, working for the Bergmann Waffenfabrik was part of a composed of Theodor Bergmann. Il est remplacé en 1935 par le Karabiner 98k German WWI GEW 98 Rifle #5303; 8mm w/all visible serial numbers matching. F127 7,9x57mm Mauser "KS" Gew 98 Rifle "Crown/Spandau 1901" with "Gew 98" to top of receiver ring "Gew 98" to side of receiver rail. The Cloth Hall was destroyed during this attack along with the historic Collegiate Church of St. These rifles remain first in Bolt Action Design, Strength, Reliability, Accuracy and Safety. 1850, cut, gilded and platinum, very unusual pewter lid, pewter strap repaired - excellent, glass very good condition, only minor gold wear (1000-1400) 0. Original WWI 1915 dated Mauser Gew 98 Brand new to the deactivated market, this is a good example of the increasingly hard to find, early first world war German rifle. Appears To have Original Stocks & Sights. The standard WW1 German Infantry rifle,the GEW 98,had a 29 inch barrel and used the large ring 98 action. 5, 2018 9am Sep 5, 2018 Christy's of Indiana Inc. The Mauser K98k is an authentic piece of History for any collector. 92 x 57mm Gentlemen, I have acquired a Mauser Gew 98 dated 1915 built at Spandau. The Mauser Gewehr 98, (abbreviated G98) was the German service rifle of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Any idea about these cutaway rifle. 1888 cartridge. 1158 1. Caliber with most popular code "Danzig" on Gew. kolonial service rifle for german sw africa (PS3576)- Brazilian Mauser 1908 Rifle , cal. From what I understand in similar posts a reasonably un common rifle, the date is 1915 and some patches through the barrel and she is easily a 9/10. Re: Gew 88 Post by Junk Yard Dog » Tue May 26, 2015 12:38 am The newest of these rifles is well over a century old, they were the first experimental smokeless power cartridge rifle Germany ever made and only the second such rifle design in history to use smokeless powder. Spandau 1915. Free download high quality anime. . com Bonjour à Tous, Pour les avant guerre, j'ai : 1 G98 Oberndorf 05, 1 G98 DWM Berlin 06, 1 G98 Amberg 07, 1 Kar 98 AZ Spandau 11 Et pour les autres ; 1 Kar 98 home / shop / gone but not forgotten. Gewehr is a German word for rifle. Mientras que Gew 98 tiene dos eslabones giratorios del portafusil, el K98k tiene solamente uno, eslabón giratorio delantero. A WWI German 7. Germany? Military Hat 2 total,cloth,Navy. le 1892 st. Battlefield 1 (also known as BF1) is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield Series developed by DICE and published by EA. The culmination of the resulting evolutionary tree was the Gew. GEW 98, 98, 24, 24/47 & 48 YUGOSLAV. The invention of smokeless powder in the late 19th century immediately rendered all of the large-bore black powder rifles then in use obsolete. 98 was the primary World War I German rifle. Mauser, begun as Königliche Waffen Schmieden, is a German arms manufacturer. From the photo it looks like a very nice "straight up"Mauser Oberndorf sporter. is one of the largest gun shops in Easton, PA. The rifle is fitted with a heavy, 22 inch long accuracy test barrel. Buyers will be charged 10% of the hammer price, G. com KissAnime Official Website - Watch anime online in high quality. The weapon was originally chambered for the M/88 iteration of the 7. Looking to trade my 1915 Spandau Gew 98. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. Hey everybody, I just started posting here after someone at Gunboards pointed me this way. This library is so much complete as many information i collect. 00 Brand Other Seller mauser1908 Available on Gunboards. G3575 736Dq M. This is a gewehr 98 receiver reworked into a 98K for WWII use by replacing stock, bbl. Object moved to here. Landwehr Division ) , armés de w / Gew 91 empilées en faisceaux. 41 Remington Military Bolt Action Rifle MFD 1915 C&R - 8mm Mauser $505. 92x57mm Mauser. Unit markings to butt roundel, stock well-marked with inspection stamps. The Gew 88 variations still in service during the Great War were frequently issued with one of the many patterns of S88/09 ersatz bayonets produced by myriad firms during 1915 and 1916 when the government arsenals focused attention on maximizing the production of Gew 98's and Kar 98's to equip newly minted divisions. 4. ) DESCRIPTION: This is a scarce Brazilian Mauser M. com today, for the best selection in factory new and fully customized Glock handguns! Firearm Auction. Rifle would have been issued to "Kaiserliche Schutztruppen" in German Southwest and was no doubt a war trophy of the 1915 campaign. He is armed with three Stielhandgranaten 1915 and a Gew 98. 98, it featured an intermediate-length action, with a bolt and magazine that were . Receiver with old german eagle. This includes gold, silver, diamonds, and precious stones, along with amazing collection of signed American Native Silver and Turquoise pieces The Glock 23 - . From the butplate to the floorplate and bolt. WW2 British 1944 Pattern Jungle Boots, 1944 Dated Scarce WW2 British 1944 pattern leather jungle boots in stunning unissued condition. The Mauser 98 (Gewehr 98) is a bolt-action rifle chambered in 7. In January, it was ordered that the Gew 98 stocks be made with forestock “cut outs” for the fingers with the left one being about one centimeter in front of the right one. Notes: XIX Armee-korps (Sächs. Disclaimer. sauer gewehr 98 service rifle all matching and 1917 Spandau German Gew 98. 98 for use as a Sniper rifle included a bent bolt (for scope clearance) with a clearance cut in the stock to accommodate the bent bolt handle. German WW2 8 cm Granatwerfer (mortar) WW2 dated and Waffenampt stamped this example was captured by the Russian Army, barrel is approx. 9mm but uses a new form of pointed bullet with higher velocity and generally improved ballistics. We have grown to be one of the largest militaria suppliers in the UK specializing in WW1 & WW2 militaria, deactivated guns and weapons. The obvious purpose of the "Action Mud Cover" was to prevent mud from entering the action and breech area, yet be quickly swung out of the way so the soldier could fire his rifle with it still mounted. SARCO, Inc. Gew 98s converted to K98k spec is a known German modification, so while it won't have the value of a good, honest Imperial German WW1 Gew 98, it's in its own market respective to other converted Gew 98s. 98) 1924-1931 or so. This is an original, numbers matching, non-import German Mauser Gew 98, which is chambered in 8x57mm Mauser and was made in 1915 at Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken Berlin (German Weapons and Munitions Works) also known as "DWM. Auction information appearing on this page is updated as to the last update. mit Gültigem Nitro Beschuss von 1972 KissAnime - Kiss2Anime. 98b (which is basically just a modified Gew. Martin. Sterngewehrs were not a production run exactly; they were done at several places (basically just builds and they come in many different styles, dates and variations). The Gewehr 88 (commonly called the Model 1888 Commission Rifle) was a late 19th-century German bolt action rifle, adopted in 1888. , $795. 7. Shooting my 1915 Gewehr 98, from the Amberg Arsenal. Items, Germany, Original Period Items, WW I (1914-18), Militaria, Collectibles. 00 Brand Mauser Seller mauser1908 Available on Gunboards. Re: Value of a Gewehr 98 « Reply #5 on: October 05, 2009, 07:06:09 pm » If it was a Russian capture, I would be very surprised if almost all of the parts really were matching, the Russian armorers didn't really care much for making sure the parts went back on the same exact gun. It will be close to 29" long. It is also fitted with the German bayonet adapter for this rifle as used in WWI. Deactivated Mauser Gew. 500,oo 53UN0112 GEW. 1944 dated they are a size 8M & have clearly never been worn or even laced. 98, which replaced the Commission Rifle after the latter had only been in use for ten years, and is regarded by some (including your humble scribe) to be the pinnacle of the era of the military bolt-action rifle. Campo-Giro patented new improvements in 1913,1914, and 1915, resulting in a frame, redesigned mainspring. sold very scarce german ww1 1915 j. com PHONE: 480-834-4004 EMAIL: orders@stewartsmilitaryantiques. 00 SPANDAU 1915. CMP Forums > > When buying a Gew. He is armed with Gew 88/05 and was photographed in 1915. Buy online, view images and see past prices for (C) Lot of 3: German GEW 98 Mauser Military Rifles - Matching Danzig 1815, Spandau 1915 1920 S42/G Rework, Turkish Spandau 1917. Herbert, The middle photo is the clearest and it sure looks like a "6" to me ,even after a relook. Gew98 Spandau 1915 It was brown all over but all visible serial numbers appeared to be matching and a bore light revealed a nice bright barrel with strong rifling. Located to the west of Berlin, Spandau was the center of German ordnance and everything relating to small arms originated from the various offices and facilities located there. Might be a converted G 98 used for training or educational purpose. Rifle was reissued to the Weimar Republic after the war, and saw German use up through the Third Reich period. Mauser Luger 9mm Pistol Spandau GEW 98 8mm Rifle Mauser Gewehr 98. 199. I am looking for an Amberg Gew 98 in similar condition. Other German WWI Orig. 00. S. 99 You're bidding on a German Mauser Gewehr 98 Rifle, manufactured by Spandau, dated 1916, serial # 9609 u matching numbers, cal. There is a full auto or machine gun version, but those are rare in the United States, and must be registered as machine guns. Re: 1915 Gewehr 98k Post by Junk Yard Dog » Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:53 pm This is why it took me 25 f&%$#n' years to find a nice, original GEW98, the 98 Mauser is the worlds hunting rifle, and most of the GI's who brought them home took a saw to them, or a drill. This is a discussion on Sporterized Gewehr 98 rifle within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Hey guys, I'm hoping some of you might be into Mauser rifles because I have some questions about mine. DWM manufacturés, en fonction de leurs enregistrements survivants, 930 000. Look on the barrel and see if it is marked " entubeos a 7mm" or something like that. In 1897 Mauser produced the Mauser Gewehr magazine-rifle. Legend: 'T. China-owned Norinco produced modern copies. . $649. GUN DESCRIPTION AS PER SELLER. It is near flawless and it is equipped [more like this] The Model 1898 infanterie Gewehr: the German 98 Mauser was blooded and proven during the four nightmare years of WWI. Because of the First World War, the supply of buffalo horn that was used for the grips was interrupted. 2 hours ago, Chris_B said: @GrenPen I’m sorry you didn’t like the “tone of my post. Below that a 1940 243 coded K98k, followed by a Polish Kar 98, a Danzig 1911 Kar 98AZ, and finally a Spandau 1905 Gew 98. Excellent,1915 dated Spandau arsenal gew. Spandau was a government arsenal. Original Antique Guns for sale from International Military Antiques including Martini-Henry rifles, Winchester rifles, Enfield Rifles, Sharps Rifles, Snider Rifles, Brown Bess muskets, Mauser rifles, and many more. 1915 Erfurt Kar98AZ - please forgive the noticeably worse quality picture, this was taken by a cell phone instead of my brother's DSLR that I was borrowing at the time This thing is pretty cool. It's a German rifle It's a G98 which is the rifle version of the Mauser model from 1898. 92mm Bolt action service rifle. will be charged on the buyers premium only. A Century of Revolution in Rifles, A Danzig Sporting Rifle PART II, Additional Notes on the Chinese Jingall Musket, Gewehrfabrik Danzig 22, M 1911 Ammo Pouches of the Early 1930s, Makers Marks on German Model 1888 Charger Clips, NAZI Swedish Mod. German soldiers carried and fought with Product Information This is an extremely rare, completely original First World War German Gew98 sniper rifle. Like yours, it still shoots and operates perfectly nearly 100 years later. This rifle is probably one of the finest examples of a 1915 NRA rifle that I have had the opportunity to examine. 44? long and has been modified by Soviet army by slightly extending the tube for greater accuracy. Gew 98 och Kar 98 AZ, som är karbinversionen av geväret, under tiden 1 augusti 1914 till 11 november 1918. 98, due to the shorter 7. The spanish bought some surplus GEW 98's after the war and tubed the barrel to 7 MM. Because of delays in implement the 1915 order to change the buttstock ID disk to the bolt disassembly device, some Gew 98 stocks have the finger grooves but not the new The GEHA is a modified Mauser 98 rifle that has been converted to a shotgun. 98 rather than an export-model what the recruit would have been required Mauser. in 1915, they would not have been making contract guns. The game is set during World War I. Shop for Mauser Rifles GEW98 parts today with Numrich Gun Parts. 00 Can + shipping. The stock is in very good condition but does have a few dings. I wonder about the flat sight and the polished bayonet lug. SARCO, INC. The Quarter Moon marking indicates that this Gew88 was sent to aid Germany's WW1 ally Turkey, in her fight, and was later reworked by them. I have a GEW 98 GEW 98 SPANDAU 1916 MAUSER, guns, fire arms, firearms, Cincinnati, ffl, arms dealer Cincinnati, gun buyers Cincinnati, guns Cincinnati, firearms Cincinnati, federal firearms license, gun dealers Cincinnati I have a large ring GEW 98 mauser, it is marked on top of the reciever (DEUTSCHE WAFFEN-UND MUNITIONSFABRIKEN BERLIN 1917 ) . Description: This 98 GEW Mauser was made in 1915 at SPADAU with a 29 1/2" barrel and good bore , strong rifling, and shiny, much better than the average. Shop with confidence. It is generally conceded that the Mauser Model 98 is the most successful bolt-action rifle ever designed. 1916 Spandau (7. NOTICE, Our great selection of fine and rare jewelry is now listed in the catalogue starting at lot 500. Buy and sell: heavy equipment, farm, commercial trucks, industrial machinery, collector cars, collectibles, coins, firearms and more. I have tried the usual outlets for parts but I was wondering if you guys knew of a gunsmith or small parts outlet over there where I might find the below Unlike the Gew. Normal Topic Hot Topic (More than 15 replies) Very Hot Topic (More than 25 replies) Locked Topic Sticky Topic Poll ON HOLD German Gew98 K98k length Spandau 1915. Parts and accessories for the M48 M48A K98 and other Mauser Rifles. 4L, cranberry, c. So, thanks I don’t need any lessons on research. 92×57mm Mauser and officially entered German service as the Gew. I felt the tone was knocking assertions that had been made without a source-based alternative being provided, and was asking questions which basic research could ha Lined up side by side in one of our racks is a 1915 BSA No. spandau then amberg are first in The changes made to the Gew. Je n'ai pas pu ouvrir la culasse, il manque la sureté drapeau. Light Pitting On Blade. The Gew 98 was the standard battle rifle of Germany during WWI. 98-type large ring Mauser. Many Gew 98s were pressed into service in WWII and I believe some were shortened to the WWI standard K-98 pattern rifle (which was a shortened version of the Gew 98. The Mauser rifle began firing "Spitzer" or pointed projectiles with the Mauser 98 model. 98 is chambered for is the standard German 7. 98 . Import marked 'German 8mm' . GEW 98 et Kar 98 AZ, qui est la version carabine du fusil, du 1er août 1914 au 1911 Novembre 1918. com Description. Welcome to D&B Militaria. Marked with two Nazi era droop wing 63 proofs and S/42 on the right side of The 98 rifle now could take the . Most have their original receiver markings plus an issue date of 1920, (and rarely 1921). 92 x 57) caliber that was manufactured by DWM Berlin in 1915, as marked on the receiver. Mauser GEW 98 WWI German Army Bolt Action Rifle, Receiver marked Spandau 1915, no import marks, 8x57mm Mauser with 29 barrel, blue for sale by Two Wright Arms Co on GunsAmerica - 992498537 The Mauser Gewehr 98 (formally as the "Infantry Rifle Model 1898") was a manually operated, magazine fed, bolt-action rifle and became one of the most successful military and sport firearms ever produced (numbering over 5,000,000 units). 98 with Nazi-era rework mark this Mauser was manufactured at Spandau during the second year of the first world war for issue to the imperial German military ,retained by the Weimar republic post-war ,in violation of the treaty of Versailles,the gun was not reworked or sanctioned by the treaty,and may Excellent, 1915 dated Spandau Arsenal Gew. This rifle has the post WW1 sights on it, as part of Germanys rearmament program. Here's a matching Spandau Gewehr 98 in overall fine condition. click for more images: WW2 British 1944 Pattern Jungle Boots, 1944 Dated. Various formats from 240p to 720p HD (or even 1080p). Gew. The Gewehr 88 (commonly called the Model 1888 Commission Rifle) was a late 19th century German bolt-action rifle, adopted in 1888. Mauser Spandau 1915 - Armes réglementaires en calibre d'origine après 1900 (4421744) - Achat et vente de matériel et d'objets neufs ou d'occasion de chasse et de pêche - Glass stein, . 323 diameter "S" bullet. Without the stock markings,scope mounts,or Imperial acceptance mark; it is not one of the sniper rifles. This is the date that the rifles were inventoried and released to the German military by the Allied Arms Control Commission set up under the treaty of Versailles. spandau 1915, spandau 1915 gew 98, spandau gew 98 firing pin, spanish civil war german gew 98 carbine, trench mag 98 k. 40S&W offers the size and comfort of the Glock 19 in a slightly larger caliber. 98 on April 5, 1898. 98 German infantry rifle, 1915 dated Spandau made SOLD. World's leading marketplace. Here's a very rare accessory add-on that was issued for Gewehr 98 rifles between 1914-18. Rifles based upon the design of the 98 Mauser have been used by many armies in many wars and battles. Mauser Gew 88, Commission Karbiner, cal. Reworked with the updated rear sight. Receiver is marked Spandau 1915. The serial number is stamped on the reciever and the barrel, it is only four numbers with N stamped under it. Not often found on other German master builder rifles of the era which makes this rifle very unquie and highly collectible. Wright Firearms Collection'. The Gewehr 98 (abbreviated G98, Gew 98 or M98) is a German bolt-action Mauser rifle firing cartridges from a 5-round internal clip-loaded magazine that was the German service rifle from 1898 to 1935, when it was replaced by the Karabiner 98k, a shorter weapon using the same basic design. Like Like Simson Suhl made the Gew. Marked with two Nazi era droop wing 63 proofs and S/42 on the right side of Following the development of the Model 98, the Mauser name began to receive worldwide recognition. Pozytywne wyniki prub spowodowały, że zakupiono u Mausera licencję i rozpoczęto pżygotowania do podjęcia produkcji karabinuw Gewehr 98 w Arsenałah Krulewskih w Prusah (w fabrykah w Erfurcie, Gdańsku i Spandau) oraz w bawarskim Arsenale Krulewskim w Amberg. Broomhandle's been refinished and grips aren't period correct, but it fit my gun budget. Production began in 1915, after 1932 sn# 83790, they're high velocity ammunition models. Price $1,916. 2391 3. Some bubba has had it out of the stock and spray painted it black - it's not a RC, the paint peels with my fingernail and there is a decent finish underneath. 7x57 mm, made by DWM Arsenal in Berlin, matching (except for cocking piece and trigger guard screws), Good to VG cond. C/W Metal Scabbard With Some Light Surface Rust Price £189. 1915 produite DWM 1400 fusils par jour. The modified Gew. In 1915, the German Rifle Testing Commission at Spandau decided to develop a new weapon for trench warfare, the Commission determined that a completely new kind of weapon was needed. These were captured during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871, or were turned over afterwards by the French as reparations to the German Government after the war Mauser GEW 98 SPANDAU 1916 SPORTERIZED BOLT RIFLE SN# 6626CC - 8mm Mauser $135. Click on a term to search our site for related The Gewehr 98 in reality. August 29th 2017 I also have a GEW 98 8mm Mauser, manufactured 1917 in Danzig. 92X57mm (8X57), great headspace, great bore (really sharp, absolutely superb). 8mm Mauser, with 29” barrel and an very good bore, original military blue finish that’s thin to gray metal, the stock has some nicks and dings attributed to field use but nothing alarming also has a letter W stamped just behind the rear of receiver in the wood The Gew 98 that replaced the Gew 88 was designed with the H-style top barrel band and a bayonet lug long enough to provide sufficient parallel contact surface between the bayonet lug and the pommel slot of the bayonet to eliminate the need for a muzzle ring. The caliber is the standard German 7. Notes: At the beginning of November 1914, the regiments of the 14 Division occupied different sectors around Lille, La Basse and Lens until the spring of 1916. Very nice Gewehr 98s! I like to collect WW1 German rifles as well, and I currently have a 1918 Mauser Gew 98, 1916 Spandau, and a 1915 Erfurt Kar 98AZ. Manowar's Hungarian Weapons & History, Feg, Frommer, Femaru, Mannlicher, Werndl, Steyr, Budapest, Roth, Gasser, Danuvia, FegArmy 98% of the original finish remains on the metal with a few small scratches and spots of rust. Find best value and selection for your WWI-GERMAN-GEW-98-MAUSER-BAYONET-1917- search on eBay. Box 21135 Mesa, AZ 85277-1135: https://stewartsmilitaryantiques. Brass fuze derivated from an older Gr Z 96, with a steel mantle and attached exploder steel exploder. sold rare & important 1902 gew 98 mauser “schutzetruppe rifle”…. Matching numbers, some wear to bore. The Mauser 98 was the German military’s service rifle beginning in 1898. Vendors will be charged 10% selling commission, plus 1% Insurance & G. Re: 1915 Spandau GEW 98 The trench magazine is a reproduction and the sling is a reproduction. , & bolt. UDF WW2 release stamp to receiver. Their line of bolt-action rifles and semi-automatic pistols have been produced since the 1870s for the German armed forces. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: Pendant la première guerre mondiale, a augmenté la production. ). 1916 dated example by J. Spandau Arsenal Mauser Model Bolt Action Magazine Rifle with Bayonet This 1915-dated 9mm The Mauser Gew 88 series of bolt-action service rifles were one of two such weapons stocked in the German inventory during World War 1, the other being the Gew 98. carvell’s auctions standard conditions of sale1. Both types were made by Erfurt. 200. After some price haggling it came home with me. Money Back Guarantee ensures YOU receive the item you ordered or get your money back. Le Gewehr 98 ou Mauser modèle 1898, fut le fusil standard de l'armée allemande à partir de 1898. 88 stands for rifle 1888. I had never noticed before but his sidearm was a ersatz 1866 Chassepot, many of which were altered to fit the Gew 88 rifle. the one i got is a 1915 spandau, still in gew98 configuration. 1896, The Weimar Gew. Gefr. Between April and May 1915, there was a second German barrage against the town. This remains by far the most successful of the Mauser designs, helped by the onset of two world wars that demanded vast numbers of rifles. Receiver band has imperial crown below a "7" & above "SPANDAU 1915". Deactivated Portuguese Steyr Kropatschek M1886 infantry rifle SOLD This is a deactivated Steyr-Kropatschek M1886 rifle, designed by Alfred von Kropatschek in 1886 and built at the Steyr factory in Austria. The “S88” means “Type S case for Model 1888 Rifle” Some gun collectors seem to equate all 7. 1915 date,cartouche,wood handle,leather cover. The caliber is 8mm Mauser. Wwi German Gew 98 Danzig 1915 8mm Mauser. zu Fuss, Spandau, 1911 - 1913, four side scenes, lion thumblift, named to: Res. Ludwig, a little wear, lid has a poorly repaired tear, lid is an incorrect replacement (160-240) 450. 9mm Gew 98 bolt action military rifle, number 5443, the breech stamped with crown over “Danzig/1917”, the beech stock with sling swivels. 93 ultra rare german ww1 “star” marked1916 spandau gew98 service rifle. Metal is grey overall, walnut stock w/typical dents, scratches & marks. The Gew. The Gewehr 98 (abbreviated G98, Gew 98 or M98) is a German bolt action Mauser rifle firing the 8x57mm cartridge from a 5 round internal clip-loaded magazine that was the German service rifle from 1898 to 1935, when it was replaced by the Karabiner 98k. German WW1 issue with receiver marked "Crown Spandau 1909 Gew 98". Whether it be original US GI replacement gun parts or newly manufactured replacements, you can find it at Sarco. This was done a long time ago and is engraved on the shell 'From Maj Lee O. and especially in 7mm. I passed on a mathcing but front band and rod Amberg 1915 a few days ago - had gorgeous wood but metal was very dirty and lots of plum to browning from neglect. 8 mm; 98% blue, Good bore, excellent stock, 29'' barrel, Originally a GEW 98 Spandau 1916 manufactured rifle. The keen observer will note that the S98 bayonet attached to the fellow on the right's Gew 98 is somewhat askew, it looks as if his bayonet is the problem here rather than the rifle. The K98k Mauser is a reasonably easy rifle to tear down, given a little patience and a TLC approach. The “S” at the bottom stands for Spandau as stated. 92x57mm Mauser (8mm Mauser, 8x57 JS) ammo rifle AmmoSeek. The word "Mauser" can refer either to the German weapons manufacturer, the Mauser-Werke Oberndorf Waffensysteme GmbH, or to the series of bolt-action rifles the Mauser-Werke manufacturered for the German armed forces. 65x53mm Belgian cartridge. I looked for three years for a Kar98a stock without success and finally sold the rifle. Garde Regt. P SAUER & Sohn. etienne 1915 8x27,5R mtr. Despite popular belief, the vast majority of these guns are semi-autos. 1916, serial number 6065m, walnut stock, marked on the receiver ring WAFFENFABRIK/MAUSER A-G/OBERNDORF to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. O. Has the S/42K on the barrel receiver area and the back sight is more the K98 type. German Military Rifles Current Values Uploaded by cungya Current value of such German Military rifles as Mauser 98K, semi-auto rifles G-41, G-43, Walther K-43, VG-98, VG5C, VG2, Top item's the much-maligned GEHA shotgun conversion of a Gew 98 rifle. - Auction Indianapolis , IN , United States View All Christy's of Indiana Inc. Buyers Premium. Antique Military Firearms for sale It is our policy not to sell pre-1899 Antique rifles or handguns to convicted felons, minors, fugitives from justice, illegal aliens, drug addicts, alcoholics, or mentally defective individuals. This is the standard infantry rifle of the German Army during WW1, the iconic Mauser Gewehr 98, or more simply G98. , DWM, other commercial firms, and several German government arsenals, the Mauser 98 in various rifle and carbine versions was the standard German 8 mm; 98% blue, Good bore, excellent stock, 29'' barrel, Originally a GEW 98 Spandau 1916 manufactured rifle. Lot#: 38380303 - Nice set of US Marked Saddle Bags Boyt marked & in nice condition w/canvas liners. Because of delays in implement the 1915 order to change the buttstock ID disk to the bolt disassembly device, some Gew 98 stocks have the finger grooves but not the new Milsurps [IMG] Here are a few of my more interesting milsurps, Top- #4 Enfield, Made in USA by Savage for Lend lease Middle-1891 Mosin nagant, P. Visit our site for "hard to find" repair and replacement parts! Het Mauser Gewehr 98 (afgekort G98) was een Duits infanteriegeweer dat vanaf 1898 tot 1945 door een aantal Duitse fabrieken werd geproduceerd. So any (German) pre-war/WW1, dated Gew 98 rifle with blued finish had that finish applied after World War 1, including the profile pic for the Gew 98 article: Turkish made or converted German Gew. Early German Spandau Model 71/84 11mm Mauser. It's more common as a carbine called the K98, but this is the rifle version. The standard German infantry arm. The quality is just outstanding. the receiver is still in the white and it is one of the best gew98's i've got as far as condition goes. 7. 102 Code following the model name on arms made for Sears, Roebuck & Company by Savage. Here Are Two Commercial Bayonets Made For Mauser 98 Rifles 1917 Erfurt Mauser Stock Ask Each Other. Like Share Just got home with a matching numbers DWM, GEW 98, everything on this rifle is matching. 1915 Terni 1891 Excellent condition Persian Mauser Model 98-29 bolt action rifle with original sling and bayonet. Values for German Gewehr 98 Bolt Action Rifle and Two Bayonets, c. Visit GlockStore. En vez del eslabón giratorio trasero hay a a través de corte adentro la culata, a través de el cual se pasa el portafusil. Welcome to the I have a Spandau 1910 dates and marked gew 98 and it is also marked Danzig 1915 just above the Spandau markings. Imperial German marks on both sides of receiver band. Codes and Markings: 101 Code following the model name on arms made for Sears, Roebuck & Company by Savage. 98, it is best to buy a real Ger- The following is a condensed version of man military Gew. 88/05 HAENEL 8x57 50Q GEW. If you've just purchased a 98k from a collector who has kept the rifle spotless, minimum disassembly is necessary to clean and oil the rifle. C ASFA ANKARA K-KALE' with Crescent Moon crest, 1942 arsenal date. is the world’s largest supplier of “hard to find” repair and replacement gun parts. III Enfield, 1905 Spandau Gew 98 Mauser, 1918 US M1903 Springfield, and a 1918 US M1917 Winchester. " The rifle has all it's parts matching including the rear sight, bolt assembly, stock, magazine follower and The Gewehr 98. The walnut military type stock is in fair to good condition with dings and scratches. The Gewehr 88 (commonly called the Model 1888 commission rifle) was a late 19th-century German bolt action rifle, adopted in 1888. It is chambered in 7. This one was first purchased by former LAPD Chief James Davis for his lady friend, he gave it to her during WWII because she worked alone running an all night diner in Los Angeles, I bought it from her estate. 1908 ammunition accuracy test rifle made probably by Fabrica De Itajuba, Brasil. Gewehr 98. 98 AMBERG 8x57 mtr. Une petite question toute bête , sur un GEW98 par exemple un SPANDAU 1915 quelles était précisément les pièces "polis" par rapport a celle bronzé ? Mauser factory codes and Waffenamt's In this section you can find various codes which you can find on Mausers receivers or other parts. Caliber markings on Gew 98 . Price $1,915. The Gr Z 96/04 fuze was a percussion graze fuze with optionnal delay, built around two parallel graze action percussion systems located in the tail. Tried to research but can find why it would be dual marked years apart. Right: 1916 Spandau Gew 98 1917 DWM LP08 Artillery Luger & ~1905-1915 Mauser C96 with Red 9 upper half. Also my only German manufactured round of 7. The Gewehr 98 (abbreviated G98, Gew 98 or M98) is a German bolt-action Mauser rifle firing cartridges from a 5-round internal clip-loaded magazine that was the German service rifle from 1898 to 1935, when it was replaced by the Karabiner 98k, a shorter weapon using the same basic design. Crown Of Muzzle Has Dent As Shown In Pictures. Caliber is 7. Dated 1915, the very first year that Germany started production of this rifle in sniper form. The Gewehr 98, named for 1898, the first year of its manufacture, superseded the earlier Model 1888 Commission Rifle (also known as Gewehr 88) in German service. 98 German infantry rifle 1915 dated Spandau Mauser Gewehr 98 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with Turret-Mounted Deactivated Mauser Gew. Dated 1915. 98 with Nazi-era rework markthis Mauser was manufactured at Spandau during the second year of the First World War for issue to the Imperial German Military. Barrel Has Pitting Inside & Out. 98 German infantry rifle 1918 dated Mauser Using our free SEO "Keyword Suggest" keyword analyzer you can run the keyword analysis Other countries that used the Gew 98 during the war though did blue their weapons according to their own preference, but again: not Germany until after World War 1. The Gewehr 98 (abbreviated G98, Gew 98 or M98) is a German bolt action Mauser rifle firing cartridges from a 5 round internal clip-loaded magazine that was the German service rifle from 1898 to 1935, when it was replaced by the Karabiner 98k. 62x54R ammunition above, made by Polte in Magdeburg in 1917. 1917 Spandau German Gew 98, 8 mm, Roller Coaster Rear Sight, Cleaning Rod, SN# 6512. The WW1 Kar98a had a 24 inch barrel and used the small ring 98 action. Has German Imperial markings on the receiver, and the bolt. "SPANDAU 1912" marked receiver w/30" bbl. 500 1915 dated & arsenal marked, Good condition, some small rips at seams , smaller size bag measures approx. The bore is in good shape w. Sling swivel studs and a fiber optic front sight. This is a very nice original Gew 98 rifle made by Spandau in 1915. I picked it up at a local shop last week. 1 Mk. 98 1915-1918 and then continued postwar with the Kar. I asked a question on joseyclosey's post about his 1917 Spandau and he asked if I would post some pics of my newest joy, so here she is 1915 Danzig Gew98. Turkey, China, Serbia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and numerous South American countries ordered rifles of the Mauser design. A stock for either is almost unobtanium any more. 2" shorter than that of the Gew. In 1898 the German Army purchased a Mauser design, the Model 98, which incorporated improvements introduced in earlier models. 92mm Mauser, and feeds from a 5-round internal magazine. 是德軍在一戰中使用最廣泛的一種重機槍,由於初期在史賓道(Spandau)生產,故 83名士兵,1915年給每個團 Gew 98 步槍 a mon humble avis un momo 98 en bon état minimun 500 euros , on me propose 2 mausers un amberg 1905 et l autre spandau 1914 ,est ce que c est des modeles pas Standard 98 Mauser fip-over style top bolt safety on shroud. 00 5304 Deactivated WW1 Imperial German Gew 98 1916 Dated Deactivated WW1 Imperial German Gew 98 1916 Dated WW1 German Gewehr 98 7. has eagle over swastika final proof with eagle over 280 proof marks indicating ERMA Mfg. Produced in large quantity by the Mauser Co. The Gewehr 98 (abbreviated G98 , Gew 98 or M98 ) is a German bolt-action Mauser rifle firing cartridges from a 5-round internal clip -loaded magazine that was the German service rifle from 1898 to 1935, when it was replaced by the Karabiner 98k . 1918 dated m84/98 bayonet above, scabbard below. 98 is an internal-magazine-fed, bolt-action ri fl e, with a capacity for fi ve rounds of am- munition. In average condition, the metalwork had a blackened finish over light pitting. All K98k were issued to a German soldiers and actually used in WWII, most likely in combat. Peter Paul Mauser died in 1914 and did not see how devastating the German Mauser was in WW I. p. als ik nu een gewehr 98 danzig 1915 wil kopen , wat is nu een eerlijke prijs , het hout is goed , nummer gelijk , metaal is matig ( putjes roest) maar de nummers zijn nog wel leesbaar , wat zou ik voor deze mauser moeten betalen , ik wil me er namelijk een aanschaffen. 98. 9 98 Pozytywne wyniki prób spowodowały, że zakupiono u Mausera licencję i rozpoczęto przygotowania do podjęcia produkcji karabinów Gewehr 98 w Arsenałach Królewskich w Prusach (w fabrykach w Erfurcie, Gdańsku i Spandau) oraz w bawarskim Arsenale Królewskim w Amberg. The Prussian State Arsenal at Spandau was at the center of small arms development and production throughout the Imperial era. Excellent Military Relic & Firearm Auction. The finish on the metal is in fair condition and is a blackish brown patina with areas of wear and some fine rust. Just about every bolt action rifle post 1898 found on this site are based upon the design of the 98 Mauser. Firearms Auction Sept. 8" across by 12" tall. But the dust cover came from Europe from an individual that had several WWI things, so I'm not sure. 2. The early black-powder Mauser rifles saw relatively little use in battle, but they evolved into the classic Gew 98 (Gewehr 98, or ‘rifle 98’) of World War I, and its World War II successor, the Kar 98k (Karabiner 98 kurz, or ‘carbine 98 short’). 98, As for 1915 production , Mauser oberndorf , Danzig , spandau , and Amberg are not rare . 92 x 57mm) Gew98 - Imperial Crown 22 Serial # 606r on bolt - # x06 on bolt release catch, extractor, safety and bolt sleeve, plus Imperial Crown Inspection Mark on bolt sleeve I have a Spandau 1910 dates and marked gew 98 and it is also marked Danzig 1915 just above the Spandau markings. Gew 98 - Danzig 1915 - S/42K I believe this 1915 Mauser is an Armory refit given what little I know about it. spandau 1915 gew 98